Our Services

Bethel's Ministry Highlights

Church School for All                                                Sunday 10:00 am

Praise and Worship                                                    Sunday 10:45 am

Divine Morning Worship Experience              Sunday 11:00 am

Love Feast                    Last Thursday of each Month at 6:00 pm

Bible Study                                                                     Thursday 6:40 pm


Sacraments of the Church

Holy Communion                                                     1st Sunday 11:00 am

Baptism                                                                          3rd Sunday 11:00 am

Prayer Call and Organization Rehearsals

First District Prayer Call

Monday @ 06:00 am 

1.712.775.7031 Code: 658487982#

Bethel Madison Prayer Call

Wednesday @7:00 pm 

1.800.719.6100 Code: 8558444#

Dance Ministry Rehearsals    Saturdays 09:00 am

Voices of Praise Rehearsals    Monday 7:00 pm

Sons of Thunder Male Chorus  Thursday 7:00 pm